Disc Blades

Notched Blade

Notched blades penetrate soil more aggressively as the weight per inch of the circumference is greater between the notches rather than being spread out over the continuous circumference of a smooth disc blade.

They are most effective in heavy clay or compacted soils with or without heavy residue and as primary tillage in perennial crops and pasture. A standard feature of disc blades greater than 30” in diameter used in industrial applications.

Disc Blades

Smooth Blade

The original disc blade is most useful in sandy or light organic soils with light to medium residue. They will provide a smooth finish as secondary tillage and are often used on the rear gangs in conjunction with notched disc blades.

Disc Blades

Sawtooth Blades

A recent innovation, these blades provide many of the benefits of both the smooth and notched disc blade. Most noticeably the sawtooth profile is maintained throughout the life of the blade providing effective cutting action even as the blade is worn away. The sawtooth blade represents the next step in the continuing technical advance of Kello-Bilt discs.