The gang bar is often the least appreciated weldment on a disc. The gang bar is the foundation for the essential working components of the implement. A Kello-Bilt gang bar is fabricated as a single weldment.

The bearing standards are welded to the main beam and reinforced with heavy strap gussets. There are no U-bolts to stretch and loosen, which would inevitably result in loose disc assemblies and bearing failures. The scraper bars are welded to the main beam, thereby providing solid support for heavy aggressive moldboard scrapers and contributing to the overall rigidity of the weldment.

A bolt together gang bar benefits the manufacturer by simplifying the processes of fabrication and shipping but cheats the farmer by reducing durability and increasing maintenance costs. When completely assembled, the Kello-Bilt gang bar and disc assembly are unmatched in durability primarily as a result of this key weldment.

Gang Bar