Model 400

Model 400

Recommended for: Agriculture , Construction

This model is specifically designed to meet the extreme conditions encountered in the construction industry. For over 30 years these rugged discs have been employed to clear land, build roads and dams, reclaim mine sties, mix and dry soil, and prepare land for reforestation throughout North America.

The Benefit of Kello-Bilt Products

  • Oil Bath Bearing: Features back-to-back tapered roller bearings, operating in 90W gear oil and sealed with Duo-Cone TM seals.
  • Welded Spacer Spool: Fabricated steel spacer spools, which will not shatter nor compress, provide maximum durability in the toughest conditions.
  • Gang Shafts & End Washers: Made of high carbon alloy steel to eliminate stretch and premature failure.
  • Bearing Standards & Wear Plates: Consisting of a minimum thickness of 3/8" rectangular tubing for maximum support.
  • Gang Bar: Fabricated as a single weldment for maximum stability, with no U-bolts to stretch and loosen that can cause loose disc assemblies or bearing failures.

Feature Parts


7" x 7" x 3/8" high strength steel tubing frame, 7" x 7" x 3/8" high strength steel tubing gang bar fully welded and reinforced.


Oil bath, back to back timken tapered roller bearings in heavy ductile cast. Bearing comes complete with wear plate.

Gang Shaft

2-1/2" heat treated high strength alloy steel, threaded on both ends.


13" spacing, welded heavy duty spacer spool.

Disc Blades:

1/2" x 30" notched disc blades front and rear. Optional 1/2" x 32" notched blades available.

Hub / Tires:

Comes with two 385/65R22.5 super single radial heavy industrial tires mounted on 10 bolt - bud hubs.


5" x 20" hydraulic cylinder complete with hoses, depth control segments and cylinder transport lock.


7,000 lb hitch jack, plated grade 8 fasteners, gang wrench (2) and separate fore/aft and transport level controls and heavy swivel flapper hook-up.