Model 275

Model 275

Recommended for: Agriculture

This model is perfect for plowing down heavy straw, corn, grass or vegetable residue and removing old hay or pasture fields.

The Benefit of Kello-Bilt Products

  • Oil Bath Bearing: Features back-to-back tapered roller bearings, operating in 90W gear oil and sealed with Duo-Cone TM seals.
  • Welded Spacer Spool: Fabricated steel spacer spools, which will not shatter nor compress, provide maximum durability in the toughest conditions.
  • Gang Shafts & End Washers: Made of high carbon alloy steel to eliminate stretch and premature failure.
  • Bearing Standards & Wear Plates: Consisting of a minimum thickness of 3/8" rectangular tubing for maximum support.
  • Gang Bar: Fabricated as a single weldment for maximum stability, with no U-bolts to stretch and loosen that can cause loose disc assemblies or bearing failures.

Feature Parts


6" x 6" x 3/8" high strength steel tubing, fully welded and reinforced. (6" x 6" x 1/2" on bwf models)


Oil bath, back to back timken tapered roller bearings in heavy ductile cast. Bearing comes complete with wear plate.

Gang Shaft

2-1/8" heat treated high strength alloy steel, threaded on both ends.


10-1/2" spacing, welded heavy duty spacer spool.

Disc Blades:

5/16" x 26" notched disc blades front and rear. Optional 28" notched, smooth and wavy blades available.

Hub / Tires:

Comes with four 11L x 15 (load range D) highway implement tires mounted on 8 bolt hub assemblies.


5" x 16" hydraulic cylinder complete with hoses, depth control segments and cylinder transport lock.


7,000 lb hitch jack, plated grade 8 fasteners, gang wrench (2) and separate fore/aft and transport level controls.